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There are many ways to refer writers to Outskirts Press.

Earning money for referring writers to Outskirts Press is as easy as...

  • Register to refer authors

    When you refer authors to Outskirts Press, you are assigned a referral ID number to use in your marketing links.

  • Promote Outskirts Press to writers

    Within your Author Referral Center you will have access to HTML links, graphics, and tip sheets to use on your blog, website, emails, and/or social media, to help writers experience the joy of self-publishing with Outskirts Press.

  • Earn up to $250 for every referral

    When someone clicks on your author referral link and/or graphic, your referral ID number is associated with them through a small "cookie" that remembers who referred them to the Outskirts Press site. When they publish their book with Outskirts Press, you will receive 10% of whichever a la carte publishing package they chose. It's that simple!

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About the Outskirts Press Author Referral Program


You can refer writers to Outskirts Press in many different ways. Some people use advertisements and pay-per-click campaigns. Others create accounts of their own on Commission Junction, JVZoo, Click Bank, or other affiliate platforms and then pass those leads through to us using both author referral links (the platform's and ours). Many people who refer authors to Outskirts Press are online marketers with large email lists. Some are bloggers, looking for some additional income as their blog popularity grows. And a great many of our referrals come from writers. In fact, many people who refer authors to us have already published with us and loved the experience (and their books) so much, they couldn't wait to tell other writers about Outskirts Press.

In the case of the first three, you may not personally know the leads you are sending our way. But if you are a blogger, you probably feel you have a relationship with, or at least a responsibility to, your readers. And if you're a writer, you most likely know those fellow writers personally.

In other words, you want to know your leads are going to be treated well and that they are going to receive a high-quality published book that everyone (the author, you, and, yes, Outskirts Press) are all going to be proud of.

It happens all the time! We publish around 100 new books every month (at up to $250/referral, that's a big opportunity for you), and many of those authors share their reviews, feedback, and testimonials about Outskirts Press here:

You may be wondering what exactly makes publishing a book with Outskirts Press so special and how you can feel confident referring people to us.

For starters, every one of our authors receives personal one-on-one assistance from beginning to end. And if they want, they can even get personal one-on-one assistance with book marketing after publication, too. We offer the highest degree of flexibility in terms of book pricing and the highest level of customization in terms of book production services. With such a personal, customized experience, every client is sure to find the services they need within the budget they have. 

We give every author tons of free information and resources to help answer their questions, assuage their doubts, and build their confidence about publishing their book and sharing it with the world. Most of this information comes in the form of their free Publishing Kit, which every new prospective author receives when they register with us after clicking your referral link.

Here is what the Publishing Kit contains. Mentioning one or two of these free resources (or, heck, all of them) on your blog, in your marketing, or during conversations with your potential leads may help convert them:

  • The most recent book by Outskirts Press President Brent Sampson: Self-Publishing Questions Asked & Answered
  • Our definitive publishing guide: Publish Your Passion
  • Book shepherd one-sheet: Meet Your Publishing Consultant
  • Author success white paper: 7 Highly Effective Rules for the Perfect Book Title
  • Author guide: Author Photo & Biography Guide
  • Author tip sheet: The Top 7 Marketing Elements to Include in Your Book
  • Author guide: Which Book Format Should I Choose?
  • Author white paper: How to Price Your Book
  • Publishing white paper: Diving into Self-Publishing
  • About Outskirts Press: Publishing brochure
  • One stop shop: Custom illustration samples in color and black & white
  • 7 Tips to Self-Publish Like a Pro
Get free self-publishing help and resources in the Outskirts Press Publishing Kit.

You can even share that last one with them as a freebie or teaser if you want. The link to it as a PDF file is here:

This is just one example of ALL the information and resources we provide to help you convert leads into referrals in order to earn up to $250 per referral.

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