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From industry-standard to fully custom interior book layout & design

To give you the most publishing flexibility, Outskirts Press offers three book layouts and design options for your book interior.  

With 3 levels of interior layout and design available every self-publishing author at Outskirts Press has exactly what they need to customize their book exactly the way they want it.exampleOutskirts Press offers self-publishing authors 3 levels of interior layout and design customization so their book will be exactly the way they want it.exampleSelf-publishing authors at Outskirts Press have 3 levels of interior layout and design customization to make their book interior exactly the way they want it.

Book layout and design are an important part of preparing your book for its publication debut.  This piece of the publication puzzle has many parts and varies greatly based on the genre of your book.  Fiction book interiors, for example, have very different needs than say a cookbook or a children's book. 

Some common elements that make up a book's interior layout are margins, fonts (including body text, headlines, subheadings, title page, etc.), bullet list icons, line spacing, drop caps, headers, footers, divider pages, section dividers, chapter numbers, chapter title treatments, image treatment, and other formatting elements of this nature. 

When it comes to the layout and design of their book interiors, authors often fall into one of three groups.

Industry Standard Book Layout & Design

If you don't have specific design or formatting ideas for your book interior, don't worry, you can rely upon our professional book designers to format your book according to industry best practices based on your book's genre, size, and content. 

Authors in this group are best served by the free Industry-Standard Book Layout & Design included with every publishing package.

Enhanced Book Layout & Design

If you have a few very specific things you are looking for your book interior layout to have, but you don't need to be involved in the nitty-gritty of every single page, Enhanced Book Layout & Design is for you. 

Perhaps you know what font you want to use, or the way you want the headers or footers to look, or you have a great chapter page idea, etc., we can incorporate those elements into the final design for your book and our professional book designers will take care of the rest of the design elements that you don't have specific input on. 

Perhaps you want your final book formatted as closely as possible to your originally-submitted manuscript.  Or maybe you just want to make sure your interior is unlike any other book out there.

Authors in this group are best served by our optional Enhanced Book Layout & Design service.

Custom Book Layout & Design

If you have very specific formatting requirements that often differ by chapter, or even by page, our Custom Book Layout & Design service allows you to have one-on-one, page-by-page input with your professional book designer for a totally unique, exactly the way you want it, book interior.

Authors in this group are best served by our optional Custom Interior Formatting service.

A word from an author about Enhanced Book Layout & Design.

What an impressive start for the design of the book! I love the choice of font, the graphic elements that resemble a brushstroke used as spacers, and the design for the Part I section as well as the Interview section headings. All perfect!

Barbara Lehman Smith

A word from an author about the Enhanced Book Layout & Design.

I just received my book Starfish, Seashells, Coral and Gems. I was very pleased with the interior of my book. I love the colored pages, the style of font, and the text format. I selected the Enhanced Interior Style with the author's input. This allowed me to participate in the decision-making, with the production process of the book. I definitely would recommend the Enhanced Interior option to everyone.

Barbara Bryan

A word from an author about the Enhanced Book Layout & Design.

Wow!!!! These are awesome concepts! I love them all. I would like to go with Concept A. It really captures the feel I was hoping to achieve. I had no idea how it would be possible to go from a full-color PowerPoint presentation to a black-and-white book and keep the feel, but you did. This is truly something I would have been unable to do for myself. Thanks for taking the time to understand what I needed for this book.

Horace McMillon

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