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Advice and tips for writers self-publishing their book

Learn how to self-publish your book with our free self-publishing kit. Advice on everything from how to optimize your book title, to getting the best author photo, book pricing and all-important marketing elements to include in your book BEFORE publication. And our exclusive tip sheet '7 Tips to Self-Publish Like a Pro' so you can have the best self-publishing experience possible. Start publishing your book now!

Advice and tips for writers self-publishing their book:

  • 7 Tips to Self-Publish Like a Pro
  • The most recent book by Outskirts Press President Brent Sampson: Self-Publishing Questions Asked & Answered
  • Our definitive publishing guide: Publish Your Passion
  • Book shepherd one-sheet: Meet Your Publishing Consultant
  • Author success white paper: 7 Highly Effective Rules for the Perfect Book Title
  • Author guide: Author Photo & Biography Guide
  • Author tip sheet: The Top 7 Marketing Elements to Include in Your Book
  • Author guide: Which Book Format Should I Choose?
  • Author white paper: How to Price Your Book
  • Publishing white paper: Diving into Self-Publishing
  • About Outskirts Press: Publishing brochure
  • One stop shop: Custom illustration samples in color and black & white

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