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Award-winning illustrations are often the difference between a good book and a GREAT one.

Our amazing illustrators can’t wait to make your book come to life.  You don't even have to publish your book with Outskirts Press to use our illustration services.  See examples of all 40 illustration styles in our full-color illustrations flipbook or black & white illustrations flipbook.

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And, illustrations are not just for children’s books!  Non-fiction, poetry, cookbooks and even some fiction books have great opportunities for illustrations to enhance the interior layout and design of your book and further the impact of your content.

Illustration book layout for a black and white book.exampleIllustration book layout for a black and white cookbook.exampleIllustration book layout for a full-color children's picture book.

illustrations are often used as chapter page flourishes or in juvenile literature to enhance specific aspects of the story and spark the reader's imagination.

POETRY book illustrations are often used to illustrate the mood, or tone, of a poem. 

NON-FICTION book illustrations are used to enhance the book layout and make it more digestible by breaking up large sections of text.  Illustrations can also be used to illustrate an idea or provide a visual example of the concepts being discussed. 

COOKBOOK illustrations cant be used to enhance the book layout and make it more aesthetic or add visual interest to pages with no food photographs.

JUVENILE book illustrations are, of course, the most common.  Picture books always have illustrations, but chapter books (even those printed in black and white) can still benefit from illustrations to spark the reader's imagination. 

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