Worldwide Book Distribution Channels

How and where your book will be distributed

How Your Book Reaches Readers
The Power of Worldwide Distribution

How your self-published book reaches readers

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Once your book (paperback/hardback) is published with Outskirts Press, it is distributed through the world's largest wholesale distributors (like Ingram, Bowker and Baker & Taylor) to over 60,000 retailers worldwide (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Powells, and thousands of others).

If your book has a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN), it will also be distributed to thousands of libraries through distributors like Baker & Taylor.

If your book is Christian-focused you will also have distribution to Christian bookstores through Spring Arbor.

Through our Global Connect program, international bookstore and retail orders are filled through print facilities as close to their location as possible—to keep shipping costs low, and allow your book to have global reach.  We partner with print facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, England, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, South Korea, and Spain.

Over 60,000 retail and wholesale distribution channels for your self-published book.
All black & white interior books also have distribution through the Espresso Book Machine; allowing your book to be printed right before the eyes of your reader at select locations worldwide.

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How Your eBook Reaches Readers
Publish Once, Distribute Everywhere

How your self-published eBook reaches readers

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Once your eBook is published with Outskirts Press, it is distributed through the world's largest eBook distributors (like Ingram, OverDrive, ProQuest Ebook Central, and others) to dozens of eBook retailers worldwide (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, and many others)—450+ retail & library channels around the world.

Your book will also be available to libraries around the world through services like Libby, Follett, Hoopla, Bibliotheca and others.  YES, you receive royalties when a library subscribes to carry your eBook. 

eBook distribution for self-published books by Outskirts Press



The Power of Print-on-Demand Order Fullfillment

Print-on-demand book order fulfillment for self-published books.

Print-on-demand distribution for print books from Outskirts Press means your book is never out of stock and you don't have to worry about storing inventory—each book is printed when it’s ordered and shipped directly to the retailer or reader.

Better for you, better for your book, better for the planet—everyone wins!

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