Publishing & Marketing Suites
for Adult (non-children's) Books with Full-Color Interiors

All the services you need to publish and market your book

One click and you're done! That is the magic of our One-Click Publishing & Marketing Suites. We have taken two decades of industry experience and bundled together the best publication and marketing services for our memoir and cookbook authors. If you are looking for a complete suite of services that includes everything you need to successfully self-publish AND market your book, choose one of the One-Click Publishing & Marketing Suites below.

If you value top-notch customer service, professional editing, custom cover design, and specifically-tailored marketing services for your goals, our One-Click Suites are for you.

100% royalties, 0% confusion. You get everything you need and we take care of it all! It couldn't be easier, faster, or more convenient.

Can't decide?

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