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Outskirts Press Publishing Experience Review From: Jeffrey Hale Collins , author of “Entangled Worlds”

“If you have not published with Outskirts Press before, do so! They are without doubt the best in the business—professional, courteous, insightful, and well respected in the industry. No other independent press matches what they do with such excellent editing and support. They are the best.”

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Dr. Jeffrey Hale Collins teaches Interdisciplinary Studies, works on archaeological digs, researches and teaches in Rome each summer, and is the author of five other books: The Archipelagos of Summer, Illuminations in Italy, Turning Stones, Quantum Canticles, and The Phoenix Songs.

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These evocative essays and poems center on a theme from quantum physics: entanglement, and the realization that at all levels of reality, all is entangled. The author explores wildebeest migrations, the ancient Maya, a human ear, mythic sirens, and the infinite net of Indra and stars through the lens of physics, myth, archaeology, astronomy, even genetics. Each work explores, from new perspectives, the worlds we inhabit: the micro and macro cosmos, viewing them through poetic/scientific excursions into genetics, Ice Age artists, math geniuses, and the James Webb Space Telescope as a Cosmic Eye. This book is a journey into the “unknowable continuums,” as Collins writes, and “we live in them; they live in us.”

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Outskirts Press Publishing Experience Review From: Jeffrey D. Barbieri , author of “The Traveler: The Watcher Series”

“I love the feedback and recommendations that are offered along the way. The team does an excellent job at doing what they do best, publishing your book. This is my 7th book and will continue to be a part of the Outskirts Press Family.”

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Jeffrey currently lives between Kentucky / Ohio and his home in Puerto Rico. He is a recent retired licensed Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator and is Board certified in Cyber Intelligence. His work has included working FBI cases, training agents on Hacking techniques and various court investigation cases including a Victoria Secret Model case, large Pharmaceuticals cover-ups and a Mongolia murder. Jeffrey’s passion has been writing poetry, songs for local country artists and meeting fans that have supported his work from the beginning. His books include Let’s Find You, F.R.O.G., Viola, Crossover, The Watcher, A Silent Life and The Traveler.

Book description…

A ground breaking work of science fiction, in this gripping novel tinged with supernatural events, Joey’s dreams lead him on a perilous journey of self-discovery that ultimately forces him to face his demons where he will eventually meet Ambrose or Satan himself who delights in chaos and violence. But who will have the upper hand in the end? Steeped in mystery and in imagination, working from his bestselling The Watcher, Jeffrey Barbieri, NJ Male Author of the Year continues to share his adventures his fan base has come to expect. Hold on tight as Joey finds himself in Mexico, working on a cruise ship and being thrown off only to land on the big island of Hawaii. Filled with twist and turns this story is tangled in an elemental struggle between good and evil remains as riveting as his first book in the series “The Watcher.”

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Outskirts Press Publishing Experience Review From: R. Scott Bernard , author of “LIMA, Sunset of an Empire”

“Thanks to Outskirts Press, the publication of my third book went as easily and professionally as my first two. I have been treated as a person, not just a customer or number.  Thank you all!”

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Scott Bernard has a B.A. in Economics from Brown University. He is the author of the highly acclaimed novels “Cajamarca, Sons of the Sun” and “Cuzco, Eclipse of the Sun.” In the footsteps of his characters, he walked 500 miles across Spain, explored Francisco Pizarro’s hometown of Trujillo, attended Mass and interviewed priests in Pedro Pizarro’s church of San Martin. He has climbed through mangrove swamps in Ecuador, walked hundreds of miles of original Incan roads and across every battlefield. He has shared spirt-soaring nights in the homes of the Andean, Quechua People whose reverence for the Natural World has changed very little in 500 years. He has brought the spirit of these people and those nights to his writing.

Book description…

After more than a year apart, Pedro Pizarro and his native friend Quispe come together again, on the third night of the battle to take the great fortress of Saqusayhuaman high above Cuzco. Quispe was preparing himself to jump with hundreds of others from the cliff into the land of his ancestors.

200 Spaniards with 70 emaciated horses hold the central grand plaza and have taken the fortress. 200,000 natives surround them in the hills and mountains and look to Manco Inca to show them the path to their revenge. Manco Inca is just seventeen, the youngest and the fourth Sapa Inca in four years. He has seen the devastation of a civil war and the unstoppable power of the silver shelled riders on their horses swinging Toledo-steel swords. He has seen the power of the strangers’ bad spirits that have brought sickness to so many of his people.

This incredible and fascinating conclusion of the Spaniards’ conquest of the Incan Empire is detailed on a most compelling, personal scale. It is the story of two great friends and their two views of the historic events that, try as they might, they could not change – until the very last day.